Accelerate AI with human intelligence

Next Billion Users on your mind? Use our innovative solutions that Integrates AI and human intelligence to provide solutions for all your data needs.

Text labelling and classification

Get high quality data extracted with Optical Character Recognition(OCR) from images in multi lingual text. Refine and define that data with accurate labeling and classification to get enriched entity.

Shape and object annotations

Integrate real to virtual with technology that power the computer with vision of high quality annotated data like 2D and 3D bounding boxes, semantic segmentation and image annotations

Audio and speech annotations

Train the machine learning to recognise and add emotions AI in the audio annotations,transcript or speech categorisation with the Natural Language Processing(NLP)

High quality video annotations

Enrich the system with wide range of training data fueling the self-driving models with objects recognisable to machine. Power AI with continuous machine learning for superior results.

Automated content moderation

Leverage with scanning, accessing and filtering sensititve content to deliver validated data that is of high standards. We provide safe and secure environment to your users.

Decipher your data

Get more from your data led decisions. We understand the next billion users. Experience our innovative and high quality data solutions to reach this dynamic target group.

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