Mapping and Autonomous Vehicles

Build safe, secure and self reliant driving systems with the high-definition training data that you can trust

Safe Driving

Accurate Labelling

Get precise training and validation data with the semantic labels like roads, pedestrians and other on road realities

Enhanced Vision

Fuel your driving experience with best computer vision with 3D LiDAR/Radar images that train the perception models

Optimise Routes

Multilingual Text

Read and process the signboards and banners in different languages with the help of text labelling and classification

Voice Assistance

Enhance the ease of navigation with intent and speech regonistion to have a stress free driving experience

Analyse key metrics

Deep insights

Bringing to fore analytics that will help in improving our cities and citizen related matters for better administration

Powerful visualisation

Human intelligence along with ML/AI constantly processes quality training data to create visual insights for quick understanding


For all the use cases

Increased Flexibility

Upscale or downscale the manpower in line with the project needs without any hiring worries

Turnkey Solutions

Comprehensive solutions related to all your data collection, validation and annotations

High Quality

Experience high quality and high fidelity workflows incorporating hyperlocal nuances

Cloud Integration

Out of the box integration with major public cloud and customisable for private cloud setups

Security and Privacy

Secured data workflows to protect sensitive data to comply with regulations and privacy policies

Decipher your data

Get more from your data led decisions. We understand the next billion users. Experience our innovative and high quality data solutions to reach this dynamic target group.

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